15-min eCom Quick-Wins
To DOUBLE Your Shopify Brand's Revenue

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What EXACTLY Can You Expect
By Implementing the Quick-Wins?

Here’s are some of the results other Shopify brands have been able to achieve...

  • ➤ 250% increase in average session duration

    ➤ $1M in extra revenue from organic traffic,

    ➤ 15% increase in average order values,

    ➤ 65-times increase in organic traffic,

    ➤ 54% increase in conversion rates,

    ➤ 100,000 additional organic clicks.

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On the fence?
Here's what others are saying...

Alex Smith

Benjamin and his team have been great to work with, have proven themselves with a ton of results.

Benjamin goes out of his way to provide value in all areas of the business as he's an operator himself.


Jonathan Kennedy

Benjamin’s one of the more knowledgeable SEO experts I’ve met, and he specializes in helping eCommerce businesses.


Deven Davis

Benjamin’s work has been amazing for us.

We already had a decent base with content and structure, but their work has positioned us to continue to make gains in very competitive areas.


Why Should You Implement the Quick-Wins?

Here are some client results after
implementing the Quick-Wins...

 $1M in extra revenue from organic traffic

 110,000 additional organic monthly clicks

 6500% increase in daily organic visitors

Additional wins include...

➤ 250% increase in average session duration

 15% increase in average order values

 54% increase in conversion rates

About Benjamin Golden...

Benjamin is a marketing enthusiast with over 10 years of experience, specializing in eCommerce. Benjamin is also the founder of GoldenWeb, an SEO & CRO agency serving Shopify businesses.

GoldenWeb serves its clients using a unique approach, based on GoldenWeb's Quick-Wins process, which is all about identifying the opportunities that will deliver the biggest ROI on the resources invested.

With that approach, GoldenWeb has helped successfully scale dozens of Shopify & Shopify Plus businesses by increasing their organic traffic & conversion rates.

Benjamin Strusnik